Tidbits and Happy Mothers

05 11 14_0344_edited-1

I love my house. My parents put in wood floors before my brother and his family moved in and I really love my house. Nice size. Lots of closets. Bigger backyard. But it is way out here and my family lives in the middle of the city. My son doesn’t want to change schools and leave his friends and I go to work REALLY early in the morning. I need a little bit lower mortgage and to live where he can walk to school next year (and have nana and papa in a close enough distance in case of emergency). So the realtor came over on Sunday the 4th. We planned on him putting up the sign on the 24th and listing it on MLS. My garage needed organizing and I needed to finish cleaning up the backyard. Maybe some little painting (like on the garage door trim). He went home and told his broker about my house. He in turn had people that wanted to see it. They looked at it on Tuesday and made an offer on Wednesday. I signed the contract on Thursday and have to be out of here on the 29th. WOW. I wasn’t expecting it to be that quick. Bittersweet. On the bright side, I don’t have to make sure my house is ready to show every morning before I leave for work. 🙂

I am most likely going to get a house that needs some work. But I look forward to the challenge and hope that it ends up being a house I can live in for years to come. And I now have a little practice on some of the things I would like to be able to do. I would go a different route on painting the cabinets though. It was really tough not to get the drip marks on the corners.

I also wanted to share my spring mantel with you. 04 07 14_0094_edited-1This was my mantel basically all winter. I use the picture because it was either my grandmother or grandfather’s. Brought from Japan. But I never realized how dreary it really was.

04 26 14_0212_edited-1

The picture isn’t as bad with some color under it. Not sure I will hang it up again in my new house though. I think I will print something else that I took, and put that in the frame. The IBC bottle is something I spray painted for Mr B’s birthday party. The butterfly out of a box for girly decor for the crafts I was doing. The blue glass I just painted. It was cool to just squirt paint in glass bottles and turn them upside down and get that.

04 26 14_0213_edited-1

This bowl? If that is what you can call it. It is wood, I picked it up at a thrift store forever ago. I found it in the garage in one of my semi-finished projects boxes. I had painted it before putting it in the box. This is the first time I have ever used it. Went good with the bunny. The candle I had, I just added the pieces of Washi tape.

Stay tuned for my updated bathroom and laundry room posts.



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