A Wordful Wednesday

Down the roadish, there is a little town. Corrales, NM. One of the smaller towns in the area, but they all feed right into Albuquerque, so not that noticeable. Corrales is a bit of an artsy town compared to everywhere else around ABQ. I love driving down the main road. Which is really the only way to drive around there. I have posted pictures before from over there, but I have some great ones from today. Some will have to wait until Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Gonna have to repost this on Sunday, but when I saw this old tractor just holding up shop with this tree, I had to have it. After adjusting the levels, I textured it with Kim Klassen’s Finale. Then I added an action that I can’t remember who it belongs to, sorry lovely artist. ~~Linking this to: Texture Tuesdays and Tones on Tuesday~~

Isn’t this just a colorful, welcoming entrance? ~~Linking this to: Sweet Shot Tuesday ~~

I just loved this bike. Enough to go back and look at it. I was hoping it was used and would be cheaper than it was. ~~Linking this to: Show Off Your Shot and Photo Show Off~~

Albertson’s had some very lovely flowers outside for sale. These are some of the shots I got with my macro lens.

Now onto some advice. Or thoughts if you will. I am pleased with WordPress (free) but I don’t like not being able to play around with the font or being able to create galleries of my photo themes. I also would like to offer my shots for sale. I would like to hear everyone else’s thoughts on these. I have tried out RedBubble, and like how it shows off your shots but have not sold anything on there because it is still too unknown. I have tried out Smug Mug but not sure it is my most favorite. I like showcasing my extra shots (and daily photos) on Flickr but I am on the free account so it only shows 200 shots at a time. I want the beginning shots back in my theme showcasing. Of course I would rather have it all in one place, it would be so much easier. I have heard Squarespace is really good, pricey, but easy to use. I have seen some ProPhoto blogs that I also like. I guess I am at the point that I wouldn’t mind spending a little each month for a site, but not sure I want to pay for Flickr and a website. So what do you think?

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6 thoughts on “A Wordful Wednesday

  1. Lovely shots. My cousin lives in Corrales (she’s an artist), and it’s nice to see more of her habitat. I especially like the front door. So simple and so perfect.


  2. Hi Lili! First, I love all these shots. And I loved your phrase “down the roadish”! As for advice…I don’t know how helpful mine would be. I’m still pretty new at blogging, and WordPress meets my needs well. I too sometimes get frustrated at not being able to change things on my template, but I think they have others that allow more flexibility. I do use Smugmug for my photos and I like it. I’ve never tried to sell my work, but I understand it’s popular with people who do. I also have a Flickr account (paid) but honestly don’t use it much. I hope others with more experience will offer you more useful information! Meanwhile, I’ll be keeping an eye on you here to see what you’re up to. Best of luck with your endeavors!


  3. What a beautiful, bright collection of images! I love the story they tell. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday!


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