Week 15

Day 99: A prompt for Texture Tuesdays, for Little Things. I had many more pictures taken in Easter Sunday, but I also shared many of them in other prompts. Day 100: The top of the sugar water egg my mom made for me. She used one of the YoYos I had made last year. Day 101: Mr B enjoys his fries and cheese burger at Wendy’s. Day 102: My mom volunteers at Mr B’s school. They had a luncheon for the volunteers on Tuesday. She brought this flower bunch home. I realized again that I need to figure that macro lens out better because it focused in again on the stems in the middle of the flower. Day 103: A rose I picked off of a bunch being thrown away at work, textured with two of Kim Klassen’s textures. Day 104: Standing outside on the balcony. I have shown this tree in other seasons as well. Day 105: My new addiction, Words With Friends. At least it uses your brain =). I also wanted to state that I also post daily pictures on Flickr, where they can be seen full size.

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