Easter with Friends

Mr B looked for his Easter eggs in the backyard while I ate breakfast. I didn’t get any pictures. I had to get ready for church rather quickly. He also looked for his basket (in the house) before leaving.

Papa had to help him get it down. (He is still eating breakfast I see.) After church we went over to our neighbors house for lunch. Then we headed down to the park for the big Easter egg hunt with 4 boys.

Mr C, my friend from my submission for Cornflower, is only 2 (and a half) so he needed a little help from Uncle M to find and reach all his eggs. As you can see he wasn’t letting go of the Transformers either.

Big Papa just watched over the festivities. Until he had to help find the last of the eggs so we didn’t leave any behind. A few years ago after he and the neighbor hid our eggs, this grandfather and his granddaughter had come along. Saw what the men were doing and then he let his granddaughter take some eggs (some of the eggs get filled with money). None of us were upset by this story being that he let the little girl take the egg, but that he saw them hide the eggs and didn’t acknowledge them with a thank you or anything.

Mr C was my favorite subject on Sunday, he was just so unsuspecting.

And though this picture has nothing to do with Easter except that is when it was taken, I liked how artistic it looked. This is a SOOC shot that I am sharing because it is obvious I need to learn how to use my Macro lens better since it focused in on the stems inside the flower. I still like the shot all the same. Kind of floaty. ~~Linking this shot to Photo Challenge: SOOC at Pulling off my Mask and Flowers on Saturday.

~~Linking to: Leap Into Spring, This or That Thursday, Photo Show Off: Easter, You Capture: Easter, Be Inspired Project and 52 Photos Project: Spring~~


Published by Lili

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8 thoughts on “Easter with Friends

  1. I love your last shot. Sometimes I think too much is done after the shot. Sad story about the egg stealer. Really sad.


  2. Looks like a wonderful Easter! Thanks so much for joining us in the Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge! We’re moving on to blossoms/trees on Friday. Can’t wait to see what you came up with! Have a great day!



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