The Week of 11 11 11

Wow. I had intentions on the way to work of doing 11 nice things today. Which in all regards I probably did. But I got to work and tried to get upgrades but then the new guy got a big new membership and my spirits crashed. I don’t like show offy people. I don’t like that this guy is all can’t do wrong in our boss’s eyes, yet he doesn’t even do half of his job. I don’t like never getting credit for all the hard work I do. I don’t like getting paid so little, and not knowing how to not work so hard. I forgot all about doing 11 nice things. Considering I work in customer service I probably really did do it, but it wasn’t intentional. I also feel bad for complaining, so thank you for letting me get it out. And just remember next time that you get ugly, or short with the person behind the counter, we are most likely just doing our job and getting mad at us only makes you look bad. =)

I posted this picture earlier this week, but here it is again with a different edit (I used a different Rad Lab edit this time). It is also my favorite photo this week.

bridge again


image  image  image  image


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10 thoughts on “The Week of 11 11 11

    1. Thank you Cedar. Now that I have posted it 2 times already I don’t want to stick it in AGAIN for the Scavenger Hunt. Oops. I am sure I can find another.


  1. Great lines in this photo! So sorry you had a rough week. Thanks for reminder that there’s no use in getting mad at the customer service person helping you – generally that doesn’t work in your favor as a customer trying to get service. It’s not fair to you guys who are trying to help. I’m sending you some smiles from afar.


    1. Thank you very much Kat. I just need to learn how to adopt the theory that I can’t let people (especially coworkers) bother me. Hopefully it’s never too late to tick an old dog new tricks so to speak. =)


  2. I am sorry about your stinky day at work : (
    I love that you had a plan of doing 11 nice things. How nice are you?
    I shot a wedding on 11.11.11. I think that is such a fantastic date : ) You can never forget that date for your anniversary! So cool : )
    Very pretty bridge.


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