Scavenger Hunt Sunday


I think many of us can achieve Bokeh with a Macro setting. I usually do it unintentionally and love the results. I was rearing to go for yesterday’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday and then I read where Ashley said she wasn’t sure if we had read Kent Weakley’s post about Custom Bokeh or not but it was a good read. I read. I decided I needed to try it out. I made plans for when my son got home from church. It got cloudy. I played around with different shapes, different sizes and could not get Custom Bokeh using a bright light. Or the shapes I was cutting out. I tried for hours. I think I cut out about 10 different circles. Cutting circles, even with a circle cutter it seems, is no easy feat for me. I went out again today with the same circle I tried yesterday before it got cloudy. I will keep trying until I figure it out.


Custom Bokeh image imagecustom bokeh2 My main problem was not being able to get at least one leaf in complete focus. But you can see the Bokeh shapes in white. Little flowers (sort of).



custom bokeh


Opposing Linesbridge again



I wouldn’t mind wearing these all the time. But I am the type that won’t wear slippers out of the house.


Little Featureslittle features

When the boy won’t pose for you, you use the next best thing. I never knew her eyes were blue in the middle. But then again I wonder if it is just a reflection from the camera flash.

before and after 


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5 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

    1. Thank you Ashley. I was going by Kent’s example and thought I didn’t really get it right. But he is a pro so I am sure it takes more practice to get it like his.


    1. Thank you Marites, I think the autumn colors are pretty amazing too and I am so thankful for all the challenges that have gotten me out to take photos and to notice all this beauty around me that I have not noticed before.


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