Halloween 2011

My son likes to pick those generic costumes that all the stores sale, based on whoever is big that year (or the year before). He hates the masks so he won’t leave them on and he literally only wears it once. Didn’t get a good picture this year. But I got some shots out and about (more to be shared tomorrow).

halloween 2011

The neighbors. He is 2. I grunged up the edges and add a KK texture.

Little Somethings


halloween 3

That’s just from going around the block, 1 child! Could you imagine going another block?

halloween 2

In a crazy, creepy way, I love this shot. SOOC. I think it is the smile.

 and then, she {snapped} Photobucket


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7 thoughts on “Halloween 2011

  1. And the kid doesn’t really like candy, so his pile to keep was only like 1/10 of that. About 1/3 went to work and the rest will be shared with my and my parents. LOL. Thanks for coming by Deb.


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