Shades of Autumn|Purple

One would think, being my favorite color, I would have found more purple. It really isn’t an easy color to find naturally. The first two shots are from the neighbors’ spooky front porch on Halloween night. The witch is a statue.




Miniature mums on the back porch.


There is this purple sage like bush that grows all over the place, part of the xeriscaping, or a desert plant that just grows. I don’t care for them much because of their smell. The bees sure love them. I played around with this macro shot and got some great fuzziness of the purple flowers.

image image


Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

4 thoughts on “Shades of Autumn|Purple

  1. I love that last one, the little flowers and stems look so pretty and delicate!

    Thanks for taking part in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge 🙂


    1. Thank you Alicia. Brown is going to be more of a challenge b/c I look at brown every day (all that stucco and dirt and all). Gotta make it better than the ordinary. LOL.


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