Natural Beauty

natural beauty

Though the gate and fence (and light) are man made, the starkness of the red bush against the stained green gate really stands out to me. Plus the gate is made of of natural things (ha ha).

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I also decided to use this same picture for a texture experiment. I cropped the picture and too away the action used above. Then I added Kim Klassen’s Granny’s Cupboard texture. From there I added Gorgeous Tones 5 as an overlay. I brushed away some of the texture from the gate itself. Sorry, I can’t remember where I found the Gorgeous Tones textures.

natural beauty2

Kim Klassen Café


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20 thoughts on “Natural Beauty

    1. Thank you Deborah. Those look like the same textures but I don’t remember being at that site, must have found them in another place. Interesting. You have a great weekend too =)


  1. Lovely edit. The texture and lightness give it a vintage and soft feel. Thank you for sharing! I have a link up for altered tone photos (black and white, sepia, etc) that I would love if you joined.


    1. Thank you…my mom loves that gate so much, she wanted to have one like it for her new courtyard. Haha. Then she learned how much it was. I also noticed that after it rained so hard a day or so after I took this picture, the red leaves on that bush were almost all gone. Talk about timing.


  2. You must have been so pleased when you saw the result of your blendings.
    Although, I have to say, the original is stunning. So much in there qua line and subtle colours. that gave you a lot to work with.


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