An Autumnal Day Out

I mentioned the other day that my dad rode in The Day of the Tread. I think I also mentioned that we went up towards the mountains to cheer him by. It was a little farther along than half way, but we were still there. Where we were was right outside of one of the casino and resorts outside of Albuquerque (here they are all on reservations). I had never been to Sandia before and there was some nice scenery. 

Sandia Resort

This was the view to the east of where we were standing . The grass on the east side of the trees is the golf course. Autumn is setting in and this is the greenest the grass has been all year. All those late rains.


A few pictures of Mr. B. One is on the wall right behind this scene, the other is in front of the resort.

sandia resort 3sandia resort 2



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3 thoughts on “An Autumnal Day Out

  1. Thank you Tamar and Mary Ann. I think we are lucky here in NM. Since it is so windy we have little to no smog. Very blue skies instead.


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