Finding the Brighter Side

I have continued on in Kat Sloan’s journey of Finding Your Eye. This being the journey of inspiration. The first prompt is about problem solving. I had written before, in the earlier course, that I had gone out to complete an assignment but my son was less than thrilled to be there when all was said and done. I wasn’t able to get the multiple shots of one subject because I had to keep moving to keep him from constant complaining. Don’t get me wrong, I rather have the company, but he was a pest that day. I did end up getting some amazing shots and even learned what inspires me. I felt pushed to the limit with his constant complaining but I pushed myself on, knowing we wouldn’t get that opportunity again anytime soon. I have only had one other time since then that I had to really push myself along, on my bike, but need to remember I should do it anyway because the results can be amazing instead of not at all. I need to learn how to get around my picture taking shyness. I used to think that pictures with too much light in them were wasted. I have learned how to make those photos work for me. And they can be quite beautiful. (I apologize that some of you have seen me post these pictures for other challenges but they fit here too well.)

little detailstimeleaves

1. Taken on the son complaining day; the extra light in the truck shot created a rainbow and sunburst. 2. Taken the day I pushed myself on while out on my bike; I was able to change the actions in Photoshop Elements in the clock shot to enhance the clock. 3. Taken the day I set out to another part of town but became creatively shy with all the crowds out and about; the light behind the leaves make the bokeh part glow. 

Currently, other than shyness, I am experiencing shadows. Shadows I am bummed to find in the photos when I get them on the computer. Shadows I try to play with in Photoshop Elements but can’t always manipulate. I need to learn how to view photos better before clicking, or make sure I stand in different spots to get multiple angles. I always get some extra surprises when I go out to shoot, so I just need to keep pushing myself along to become better at overcoming the not so positive that we sometimes face.


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16 thoughts on “Finding the Brighter Side

  1. Hi, I think many of us can fully empathize with photographing with a child….or children! I, too can be camera shy…there is an art to catching photos with people in them…but too much reserve truly makes it difficult. I love your golden leaf photo…I am glad that you looked UP rather than down or outward. Great photo….enjoy this FYE journey. Smiles: Sharon


  2. Thank you Sharon. Question, for anyone that wants to answer. You see something in someone’s yard you want to photograph. The yard is fenced but open. Do you just photograph the old gas pump or knock on the door and ask for permission?


  3. HI, Lili! I can really relate to the shyness challenge, especially when it comes to taking shots with people in them. I live near a wonderful street filled with street vendors – mostly fruit and vegetable stands. I’ve wanted to photograph them, but they are busy and crowded and I don’t want to get in the way. Mmm, I see a problem I can work on solving. 🙂 Thanks for raising the issue about shyness. And, your photos are lovely. I love the yellow leaves, the light, and the yellow against the blue sky..beautiful!


    1. Juli that sounds like fun. I bet in that case the busy vendors wouldn’t notice…hum. We can keep each other updated on working through our picture taking shyness. And thank you so much for the kind words.


  4. Great topics, Lili. I like how you continued on even in less than perfect conditions, finding something to photograph and finding the good shots. If we only photographed when conditions were perfect, we would photography not at all. I will encourage you to continue to photograph with your son, eventually he will learn that this is just “what mom does” and maybe even help point out scenes he thinks you will like. That’s what my son, at 10, now does. Sometimes he does get bored and whiney but it’s so much better.

    My views on the shyness topic – if it’s visible to the public, I will take photos of it. Your example of the old gas pump in someone’s yard – if I can capture it without trespassing, I wouldn’t ask. If I had to cross the yard, I would ask. Juli – I encourage you to photography the vendors and their wares. Just try not to get in the way of their customers. 🙂 If they get grumpy with you, just apologize with a smile and move on. It’s amazing what a smile can do. Inside a store or private building, I would ask before photographing. It just takes practice! You will stand out, but that’s ok. You get used to it. 🙂


  5. Lili- Breezing in from the Journey link up. I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing your photo examples. My fave is that beautiful leaf shot with yellow and blue contrasts. I applaud you for pushing through taking a complaining child along. I couldn’t focus with that distraction, but I don’t have kids. Maybe that’s a mom skill.
    You must visit Brenda’s blog. She LOVES shadows and does amazing things with them. She uses them as benefit to her images, rather than feeling they take away. I have become interested in reflections over the last year. I used to think I was taking a poor photo if reflections “got in the way”. Now I’ve turned that around making reflections the subject of what I’m taking. While I don’t use them as a steady diet, it provided a way around the problem. Wow…I’ve just done another “problem solve” right here in your comments. Didn’t mean to overstep.
    I should push myself on that bike ride thing too. Applause to you for that as well. Happy day to you.


  6. Lili,
    I too struggle with photo shyness – one of the many reasons that I don’t take photographs of people. As long as I can “do my thing” without anyone noticing, I am completely in my element. And I find it difficult to put myself into “photographer mode” with my husband along – and he is completely patient and supportive – not one complaint. But with him there, I am too conscious of myself and the feeling that I am wasting his time. So I commend you for pushing through and continuing to take shots with a complaining child in tow. The results were certainly worth the effort.


  7. I am definitely shy about taking a picture that has someone in it that I don’t know althought they may add lots of interest to the picture. I love the picture of the yellow leaves with the blue sky. The contrast in colors are really beautiful.


  8. Thank you Kat, Susan, Brenda and Ginny for the kind words. It is very heart warming to know I am not the only shy picture taker. I am very interested to see everyone’s photojournal for the camera less photowalk and where we choose to take this walk. =)


  9. Lili, you’re definitely NOT the only shy picture taker. You can count me in there too. However, sometimes it’s a fun way to connect with people. The other day I was standing outside my office, pointing my camera at the sky, when a woman came by and said, “Are you taking pictures of the clouds?” When I answered that I was, she said, “I’m so glad I’m not the only one to notice them! I’ve never seen anything like them.” Just then a man walked by and joined in on the conversation, saying he’d been watching them as he was driving around.
    I’ve never seen either of them before and probably never will again, but it was a nice moment of shared appreciation for the marvel that nature can be.
    I really like your photo of the lightstruck yellow leaves. It’s beautiful.


    1. That is awesome. It is good to know that there are more appreciative people out there than we seem to come across. I did say good morning to a newish neighbor that I have never seen before yesterday morning. One non work day down towards my life list of saying hello to at least one stranger every day. =) It is very warm feeling. Thank you for the kind words.


  10. Thanks, Lili, for bringing up this topic. I’ve yet to take up the challenge of photographing people although I am thinking of asking a friend to pose for some informal portrait shots. I hope if I practice with people I know that I will eventually become more comfortable with taking people shots in public places. I was out last weekend at a pumpkin patch with another woman from my photo group. There was an older gentleman there who was the “storyteller” for the day. He was an appealing subject–wrinkled but smiling face, a worn, old hat, a colorful plaid shirt–my friend simply asked him if she could take his picture. He said yes (!) and then sort of straightened his posture, ready for his photo. I was so glad for that example–hopefully I’ll remember it next time opportunity strikes!

    Regarding the gas pump in the yard question, I think I would try to photograph the pump from outside the yard to avoid trespassing–you would then at least have your photograph. Then, go up to the door and ask permission for a closer look and more photographs. Most people are receptive to compliments about their homes and yards so you could end up with some pretty terrific shots that way.


    1. Thank you Wanda. The “storyteller” your friend photographed sounds like so much fun. Photographing people, other than this little girl one time, just doesn’t cross my mind. Oh, I did try at the fair but was rudely interrupted by a man stepping in front of me. Some day.


  11. Hey, I also have trouble with photo shyness. I think that many of us struggle with this, so this is definitely one problem I’m also slowly overcoming…Haha. Good luck, and keep up the great work! I’m lovin’ those yellow leaves. Beautiful!


    1. Thank you Laura. And I went back downtown yesterday (posted about it yesterday) and other than taking pictures of people it was a lot easier that I worried about the first time.


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