Scavenger Hunt Sunday



A cool playground in the neighborhood across the way


dad ride wm

There is more about this picture in my previous post, but I also learned another new trick today. How to use Photoshop Elements actions. In this picture I used Pioneer Woman’s Boost action.


fire truck


Seeing faces in Unexpected Places

unexpected face

I looked through all my pictures before I realized this one looks like 2 eyes and a tongue sticking out. And a tear coming out of one eye even.



brendan with stars copy_edited-1

Mr. B was sitting up on a wall today, watching for his Papa to ride by. First I added the stars in Picnik then I went into Photoshop and added Pioneer Woman’s Flatten and Soft Faded actions.

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13 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

    1. Thank you. I learned that here in NM when they build new subdivisions, a park is a requirement as Texas requires a school for new subdivisions. So we can get some pretty cool parks.


    1. Thank you Christine. Funny how you don’t think you have the pictures for it then you figure out how to put them all together.


  1. Thank you Sally and Cat. I just really wanted a picture of that gate. I love when you get surprises like the face when you look at it again on the computer.


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