Burnt Orange


Burnt Orange

burnt orange colorbar

Several things about this picture. I first chose this picture because of the various burnt orange objects, like the signs and the barn. But I love how it is all about fall. I took my son to a pumpkin patch, but I think it was a little young for him. I put this photo through two Pioneer Woman’s actions (I forget which and it was last night, oops), then I added a Kim Klassen texture. I sure need to pay better attention to my recipes. After all is said and done I learned how to do this color bar over at the CoffeeShop Blog and love being able to put a palette with a picture. I am definitely addicted.


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7 thoughts on “Burnt Orange

  1. this is so pretty! the pumpkin patch is so fun, and photogenic! unfortunately, i forgot my camera this year 😦 hopefully we can go back just for the sake of pictures, haha! thanks for linking up!


  2. Is there another pumpkin patch nearby you can check out just for the sake of taking camera? That would be fun. Thank you Grace and for having the link up.


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