Mr. B

I don’t normally share pictures of Mr. B just to share. Usually just when they happen to fall under other categories, like monochromatic colors or something. But I saw where Amber’s Articles was doing a Top 5 of your kids and thought I would play along this time.

B 1

Mr. B starts 2nd grade. Not sure he was all too excited to go back to school.

B 2Both of these were taken in Old Town when we went on our little camera toting adventure.B 5


B 4

Mr. B turns 8

B 3

Mr. B blows a big bubble with the help of Papa at the NM State Fair. I love how the bubble stretches out over the other people in the photo.

Amber's Articles

Pictures of Mr. B also make me smile, so I am also sharing over at Simplicity


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4 thoughts on “Mr. B

  1. What a handsome little guy! Don’t you just love eight year olds? They have so much energy and curiosity — mine keeps me on my toes! : )


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