Finding Your Eye in Familiar Subjects

After carefully examining my inspiration file I went out in hunt of flowers. Being as it was such a hot and dry summer here, I knew the flowers would not be as grand as from spring. I went to Santa Fe knowing I could also go around The Plaza. Being as my son had had such a good time going with me to Old Town, with a camera of his own, I thought this would be good for both of us. It started out good, we found this awesome scooter that we both liked photographing. We both realized that the hubcap was rather reflective and took pictures looking into it. I love how, when I got the picture on the computer, you can see a whole picture inside the hubcap. I also love how in the other shot you can see reflections inside each of the lights and anything some-what reflective. (I also only just now noticed the bike horn.) I am totally in love with this scooter.

sp 1 of 52_edited-13 of 50 

Pretty much right after this the afternoon turned sour. My son decided this wasn’t how he wanted to spend the day. We ate lunch and he whined and cried (literally) the rest of the afternoon. I never really got to take 50 pictures of anything specific, but did take at least 50 pictures. And I had a lot more surprises when I looked through the pictures on the computer later.


The small spider web at the base of the flower.


How geometric the inside of these flowers are.

play of light

The play of the light. The sun spot and the rainbow that formed from the sun in the base of the photo. Being as the truck was a sign, up on a base, this was the only angle I could get of this side of the truck. But I love how it came out.

I realized with these photos, that I love the surprises you get when you “develop” the photo. It may not be in the darkroom, watching something appear out of the blackness, but for me it is pretty much that. I find great pleasure in seeing the little details appear that I don’t otherwise see when taking the picture, and especially if I never had. It isn’t necessarily the subject I like so much, but later finding the details I capture.

and then, she {snapped}


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15 thoughts on “Finding Your Eye in Familiar Subjects

  1. Love the reflection in the hubcap! What a cool record of the day (before things went south)! It drives me absolutely nuts when I’m just about getting into the creative flow and one of the kids needs something or gets whiny! Sigh…I feel your pain! : )

    The pink flowers are such a bright and bold color too — love those.

    I’m so often surprised too when I actually load the pictures into the computer. Sometimes in a bad way — I shoot so fast I don’t always notice things like trees growing out of heads… but those good surprises are the best. ; )


    1. Thank you Jessica. Sounds like Photoshop could be our best friend. If only I could learn how to use the layers and be able to crop those trees off of heads. =)


  2. Oh, I would be in love with that scooter too! What an awesome find. I am glad that you were able to “redeem” your experience in post-processing and find joy in those little discoveries. That is half the fun, isn’t it! It is hard to be out and about with a whining child – I’ve been there. It’s a delicate balance to be a mom-photography sometimes. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!


  3. Sorry the afternoon soured with your son…but the hub cab picture is precious! Your pink/red flower POPS off the screen…it makes me smile. Santa Fe Old Town is one of my most favorite spots…a perfect spot for photo ops.


    1. It all turned out okay in the end Cheryl. I hope next time he doesn’t get all mopey on me. Thank you. And thank you Kat. I so want that black scooter in teal now. How fun that would be to ride around on the streets I can’t park my car when I see a picture I want to take. And thank you Koreen.


  4. The color in the flowers are beautiful. I too like to find the suprises in the pictures after I take them. It is also teaching me to slow down a little bit more each day so that I don’t miss a thing.


    1. I never know whether to reply to comments on here or through email…with my Blogger it was better through email but it also showed the comment. Thank you Ginny. And yes, I have to learn to slow down too.


    1. I used to get bummed when pictures came out with too much light haze. Now I realize that it can be a good thing. Thank you Marilyn.


  5. I agree with that sense of discovering more details in the photos once you begin working with them in post production – it’s like a sort of “unwrapping” of a present to me! Your photos are delicious! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the scooter shots, especially the moment caught in the hubcap! Wow! Your flowers are beautiful. The truck shot is spectacularly appealing to me – the lighting, the composition/angle, the coloring, the mix of metal with flowers and sky! I find your post and photos very inspirational. I’m glad you had the joyful moment in the beginning, and the joyful discoveries in processing. Thanks for sharing.


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