Upcycling Old Shutters

What do you do when you find sets of old shutters? You decorate them of course. I had found 2 sets of these right before Christmas a few years ago. I was looking for them to make something for my mom. I was lucky to have found them that day, at the first place I stopped. I have plans for all 6, but I also keep thinking I should paint the 2nd set (keep all 3 hinged together) a lighter color and hang them above the sofa. It is such a long wall. I can always find more for the other projects.

This is the one I made for my mom for Christmas. inspired

I took apart one of the sets and used the 3 separately. The “evergreen” is this felt like stuff and then a really soft wispy thing I found at Hobby Lobby at Christmas time. I wish I had bought more when it went on sale because it was only Christmas time stuff. I needed more and they don’t sale it right now. Bah humbug.

Then I made a Valentine’s shutter. I took another one of the 3 and lightly spray painted it with the same off white. I wasn’t really intent on it being perfect because if it chips a little that will add to the charm. (Sorry, I didn’t take any during pictures, terrible of me.)

Then I hot glued on the battery operated lights (that you find in the craft area of Hobby Lobby). I like these because you don’t have to worry about plugging them in anywhere. I also can attach the battery box with command strips (the type that is sort of like Velcro) for easy removal to replace the batteries.

I glued down the wispy greenery I had, I only had 3 and they are thin stalks so I also needed some filler. I found these white paper flowers at At Home and cut off a few stems of those and had another little plastic green stalk I cut down. I found the pink hearts before I started the project but can’t remember if they are from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. All these got glued down strategically, to make it look more appealing.

I had another bag like the one used for my mom’s but decided the gold dots weren’t what I was looking for (bags are $1 at Hobby Lobby). These inexpensive bags are a way easier solution to wrapping burlap around the shutter. All you have to do is cut off the handle of the front side. But turning the bag around left me with a blank slate. I was going to find hearts to stamp on there or something but came across these yo-yos I had already put together and thought those would be perfect. I stitched those onto the bag and then glued sequins on top of those and all over the bag. I then pull the bag up onto the shutter and hot glue it onto the back and just a little on the sides of the front and top. Doing it in a way that makes it look slouched and so that you have an opening at the top for the battery box of the lights big enough to stick your hand in.

I found the “love” sign at Michael’s when I was there for something else and painted it pink then glittered it. Hot glued it to the top of the shutter. Finished off the whole thing with the pink ribbon I found in my stash.

I made a snowman out of the 3rd shutter. But I just don’t find it as cute as the inspiration. Again, I only lightly sprayed it with the white paint. It even sprayed blotchy but I thought that would okay since it would look like snowflakes. Then I sprayed the black area with an idea of where I wanted the hat. I think the hat rim is a paint stick. The nose is a piece of wood I found in my stash and cut and sanded before painting it orange. The buttons are pieces I had in my craft stash and painted black. Everything else I had laying around. Maybe I need to add a smile?


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