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Oh my. I found this post in my drafts. I decided to share it anyway, even though I must have started it over a year ago. I didn’t even have pictures in it. Must be what I was waiting for to share it.

Last month I decided to try out Hulu with a free trial. I didn’t like it at all. I don’t pay for cable and wanted to be able to get some of the shows that I can’t see on the prime time channels (NBC, ABC, CBS and the CW). I also didn’t care for the movie choices either. I was having better luck with Amazon Prime. So I decided to try out Netflix. So far I am liking it better. I’ll pay for it. My son says he liked Hulu better but watches more Netflix. Silly boy. But I have been watching House of Cards. Waiting for the final series of Downton Abbey to be on Amazon Prime. I had binge watched The Americans, but the current season of that isn’t available yet either. I wonder how long it takes them to have those available? I had really liked The Network but I am thinking it must have been cancelled.

I ended up going with a FireStick from Amazon after all of that. And as much as I love having every accessible, it also does have some downfalls. But hey, I watch almost everything I want. And maybe too much.

I really need to install Tax Cut on my computer and get my taxes done. I have dreaded this every year since I have a house under real estate contract because it is so many extra steps but I am too cheap to pay a service.

That real estate contract has become a major nuisance. It is losing me money. Looks like there is no hope of them paying off early. And twice in the last three months, the payment to my bank has been late. I am not paying the late fee as it’s their fault. But that’s my credit they are messing with.

It appears I am forever starting something I don’t finish these last few months. I found a Christmas wreath sitting on a dining room chair that was supposed to go to Goodwill. I decided to take off the accessories and make it a Valentine’s wreath. It still sits on the table waiting to be glued down. But I did get a picture frame painted (it was too red on the galleryish wall I had created), the back of the island stained and white washed, and the little table in my bedroom redone.

I did finish that wreath. I see the sun faded the bow already. 

I am learning I really need to become better organized. Not like a planner, but like a white board or a chalk board that I see when I walk into this room. “Make Dr Appt.”

I also learned about the app Waterlogue and love it. Can’t decide which of these two I should use for above my bed.

My immediate plans are getting those started projects finished. Like the pantry and the den and my shower. And the backyard. LOL. Maybe I should plan month by month.

My planning has not helped. I just can’t get anything done on week days as my job wears me out so. And, you know, lack of funds.

I dream about my kitchen being completely finished, with new cabinets and counter tops (that I don’t have to pay for). And new windows and the stucco redone. These are but dreams because they are large costs that I can’t afford right now.

I covet a dreamy, light and cozy bedroom like … I kind of covet those ladies that share their DIYing with the world that have a handsome husband sidekick that does the heavy lifting. But only for a moment. Then I come back to reality and know that it’s just me and I am lucky to have the help I get from my parents.

I anticipate the day the backyard is all cleaned up and the fence is redone and we can get a dog.

Though the backyard still needs gravel, the fence got finished after I got a dog for a surprise birthday present to my son last year.


The part where I need gravel happens to be along the back of the yard. I think the previous (only other) owners used it as a litter box because there is kitty litter mixed in the dirt and after Geni has been digging over there, I find cat poop. She digs to try to get at the male dog on the other side. I went outside to find him in my backyard one day. He’s a lot smaller. I don’t think she digs for him anymore. Something must have happened (other than the garden fencing when hammered into the ground against the fence). I also need to paint the shed. And finish fixing up the screened in porch. Not sure how to fix all of it though, it’s water damage on only plywood walls. I wish I had the money to just take it all down and start over. I would make it all screens instead of some of it walls.

I enjoy looking back at the before photos and seeing how far we (me and my parents) have come with my house. I am a year older than this house and I may have barely taken better care of myself. You can tell that only one other family ever lived here, it wasn’t really in bad shape, they had just never updated anything. Except the kitchen cabinets and I think even that was more than 20 years ago and they did it with stick on laminate. Oh, how I loathe these cabinets.

I keep seeing other people posting about how they hate their kitchen. Maybe just the color of the cabinets. I want to scream and show them mine that aren’t upgradable because someone did a shotty job of refacing them already.

The inside of the ones on the bottom smell funny in the humidity, so I think they refaced the original cabinets and put up these lovely doors. Which are not all in as good of shape as these appear. I am seriously thinking of removing these two sets (as well as the single one on the other side of the window) and putting up shelves. The pantry we built is a pretty good size. There are cabinets that are the base of the island and when we ever remove the sliding glass door and build in the wall, I would like to put a built in desk and some cabinets there. So there would be no lack of storage and that would leave only the base units, the ones over the microwave and fridge and one next to those two, to be replaced. I’ll start with the open shelves over the dishwasher for now and see how much I like them.


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