Favorite of April

It is very rare that I get pictures of people other than Mr B. I had several pictures of this family that first week of April but this is by far my favorite. There is also a little story behind the shirt. Both his older brothers used to wear that shirt (they are 10 and 8). When the 8 year old grew out of it, Deena gave all their clothes to another mother because she thought they weren’t going to have any more children. It just so happened that the other mother found this box of clothes to give back to Deena. And her favorite Easter shirt was in the box. Little C was doing this because I was taking his picture. One of the first days I was experimenting with the Macro lens.

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One thought on “Favorite of April

  1. Loving his expression! The story of the shirt is fantastic! Great DOF! Hope you are having fun with your macro lens!!


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