Black in Time


Portrait (Black) imageblack portrait

Mr B was getting all geared up to go outside and play in the snow…snow day today. This part of NM is so not ready for amounts of snow that don’t melt.

Nostalgic image imagenostalgic

This is one of the ornaments that used to be my Granny’s. I am nostalgic for Christmases past with all the family but luckily my brother and his are coming this year. I haven’t seen my niece and nephew since February.



I have posted this clock many times for different challenges, but hey it works. This is a different view of it, a different shot, and a different edit.

Full of Light imagefull of light

I kept debating back and forth on using this picture. I didn’t like that Mr B isn’t in focus at all (I learned how to do it afterward) but I love the way the light bokeh came out so I had to make this my full of light shot.



I don’t like to have to do this, but I had to go back in my archives for this one too. I did some RadLab edits to it and will be very bummed when my free trail ends in 3 days. Very sad. I can’t afford to pay for it though, not right now.


I would also like to thank the kind ladies at Project 64 for featuring my orange submission. I am so honored.

orange (2)   image


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9 thoughts on “Black in Time

  1. I hope Mr. B had a great time in the snow. We had our first snow of the season yesterday morning with more predicted for tomorrow. I’m really not ready for this! Great shot of your little boy in his fun hat.


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