Little Boys and Puppy Dog Tails


When I was a kid, trampolines didn’t really exist. I am not sure when they did exist. As always, it was something my childhood best friend had. The nets didn’t exist. Jumping on it scared me. All I could think about was landing in the coils and springs. Or falling off. I would get light headed. I think we were 6th or 7th grade or so. I think that is when I started realizing I had a fear of getting hurt. Yet, here is my son loving every minute he is on the trampoline. (Except maybe when his friend started playing too rough and elbowed him in the nose. There was a lot of blood. Not cool.) The texture in this picture is all from the net.



image  image  image  image  image


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4 thoughts on “Little Boys and Puppy Dog Tails

  1. I was always scared of the trampoline, too. And my heart clenches up a little every time my kids jump on one, even with nets. It’s still so scary to me!


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