The Sunburst

I forgot to add this to my Scavenger Hunt Sunday post. I picked up an 8-Point Star Filter today. I was at Best Buy looking for a 50mm lens since I read that was best for taking pictures with custom bokeh (my lens only goes as small as 3.5f and I am sure that is why I had problems achieving the bokeh I wanted). I want to get this lens before the Christmas tree goes up. Hopefully it can be a birthday present (it’s this Friday) instead of the macro lens that is too expensive for my mom and dad’s taste to give their grown child. 

I got a few shots in today with the filter, I will also play around with it more with other lights. I was looking towards the sun and got one shot that wasn’t too overpowering. I did notice that a huge shadow was left on the right side of the picture, but I just cropped a little off and then went through some RadLab edits to get this colorful fall foliage with a 8-point star sun burst.




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One thought on “The Sunburst

  1. That is really cool! I was just thinking the other day I wanted to pick up a filter for making neat Christmas tree bokeh. Also, the aperture is what helps add bokeh to your shots. If you can get a big aperture – like the 50mm with a fixed f/1.8 you can make better bokeh because less of your photo will be in focus.
    Hope that helps!


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