Come Walk With Me

I was driving down this road in Corrales. Corrales is a small town. Kind of uppity compared to the other small towns around here. It is a quiet main street. I noticed these horses out grazing in the corn fields that were the mazes for the farm there. I decided to turn around and go snap some pictures. One fellow even decided to come closer after I took the first picture. Not what I would call pretty horses, but they were there.

toned horse

The recipe: first I used PW’s BW. Then I added Gorgeous Tones 7 as Hard Light at 69%. Then for a little more character I added KK’s Scripted Autumn sample as Multiply at 72%.



framed horses

I went all out on these guys. The recipe: first I used Kim Klassen’s Phoebe as a Multiply at 100%. Then I used Phoebe again as a Soft Light at 84%. I still wanted more so I added Michelle’s Sweet Hay as an Overlay at 41%. Of course that wasn’t enough, so I also used Coffee Shop’s vintage frame. I decided that the photo also needed all its character, so I didn’t crop any of the poles or wheels are whatever out.


Just a sidebar for those of you that didn’t come from Kim’s link up. I have Kim’s and Rita’s buttons in my footer so that you can check out the textures and actions and all that jazz yourself if you so choose. I guess I should add Pioneer Woman’s as well. And Rad Lab has come in mighty handy too but it is only a trail period.

image image


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8 thoughts on “Come Walk With Me

  1. These are lovely scenes and nice edits. I am partial to the second shot, I think because of the colors.
    Thanks so much for linking up with Behind the Camera.


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