Warning, this will be a long post. Several posts ago, I journaled about my camerless photowalk. Even though today was gloomy, with heavy clouds lingering still from last night’s rain, it was the only day of my son’s 4 days off that he didn’t have something he had to go to. So he grabbed a friend, we packed a lunch, I grabbed cash and we headed downtown. I really didn’t have to boost up many of the pictures from the not so sunniness. I was pleasantly surprised.

I meant to also do the 10 step idea all the way down the street, but I forgot. I am pretty sure I still did it without counting though.

 10-27 3 (2)This store front was all covered with plastic, but it looked like it was being renovated. I hope they leave the old painted sign.




10-27 2I couldn’t resist this painted fence or this parking meter. Too fun.10-27 3and then, she {snapped}


10-25 4

10-25 5My theory is that someone got on top of the building and poured the paint down. Intentionally we will never know.

10-25 7I looked up the story behind this building. It is the brick building I wanted to take pictures of my son in front of but it is completely fenced off. Closed down for good in the later 1990s. It was built in 1899 and is an historic brewery for New Mexico. It is one of the few remaining buildings in downtown from the 19th century.

10-27 4The Daily Wyatt


10-25 6Also part of the warehouse district. The white building is a linen cleaning company.

We hopped back in the car again and headed back up towards UNM. I wanted to show them the crazy store fronts and this antique scooter store. I got these photos just for Kat (Sloma).

DSC_0086 copy_edited-1

DSC_0087 copy_edited-1



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10 thoughts on “Downtown

    1. Thank you Nadege. I also have a picture of my son in front of that fence, it was too fun. Saving it for my turquoise post.


  1. Gorgeous photo walk! Makes me want to go downtown to give it a try. My favorites are the red doors and the textured mopeds.


    1. Thank you Deb. I saw so much more through the lens than I did without the camera on my slow drive through town. It was fun.


  2. I love your determination and enthusiasm! Very smart to bring along a friend for Mr. B. 😉 The painted fence is fun…Your composition of the red door with that green ivy really pops…doors are a favorite of mine. The building with the paint running down the side is also fun and does make me wonder if it was planned or if someone with a creative eye just needed a canvas. I find it interesting that you broke the solid structure of your photos up with such interesting, colorful and fun pictures. Love your eye!


    1. Thank you Cheryl. Really I had no intention of taking a friend with Mr B but it worked out. They rode on scooters so there was no complaining =). I love doors too…I think I Pin It more doors than anything else on Pinterest.


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