The Yellow Hues of Autumn



It’s one of those things. I went out to take pictures and it was so busy where I went that my creativeness got shy. If anyone in the Albuquerque area ever wants to go on a photowalk with me to the Nob Hill/UNM/Downtown area, please let me know. So I am driving along Tramway. Actually a very nice scenic, quiet drive. I see this huge yellowed leave tree and pull into the gas station’s parking lot. I had read about how to get the sun rays effect so I am quite pleased with how that one came out.

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18 thoughts on “The Yellow Hues of Autumn

  1. The larger photo on the left is just beautiful so soft and a great contrast against the blue sky – I’m pleased your pleased – you definitely should be. I can relate to creative shyness in public. I’m terrible about taking photos at events like weddings or parties for eg – I’m way too conscious and feel like I can’t experiment like I usually do at home.


    1. Thank you Olivia. I have a love/hate relationship with Albuquerque. Late spring/early summer and fall are great but not so much the rest of the time when it comes to finding beauty. Of course the time of beauty is also when my allergies are the worst. =)


  2. The blue and yellow contrast is powerful! The lower right photo’s light & shadow on the leaves is so pretty. Creative shyness in public is something I can relate to. The more I do it the easier it is getting. Wouldn’t having a photo buddy be fun? Hope you find one!


    1. Thank you Cheryl. Yes, I would love a photo buddy. My son is great but not so much when he doesn’t really want to be there.


  3. The photos are very beautiful! I do like that first one too. I have trouble getting that sun rays or flare in to my photos. I agree with the above comment, it is a very soft contrast against the blue sky and well done.

    Thanks for sharing on Foto Friday,


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