Why I Photograph


I take pictures as an art form I can spend hours on and not make a huge mess. The memories are everlasting and easy to share. It is a way to express myself that is less criticized than any other art form (at least I feel that way now).

I am drawn to photography for the beauty in anything. Take for example an old, paint peeling VW bug. Take a picture of one perfect head light, crop it and you have an amazing abstract piece of art. I would hang that on my wall. After seeing that said picture, now I look for that headlight or front grill that pops out at me.

I am motivated sometimes just by participating in a challenge. Sometimes after reading Kat’s blog I am motivated to go out in hunt of the theme or story she talked about. Lately, Pinterest has filled my inspirational file and desires and I am motivated to hunt for beautiful doors and gates.

The thrill of the hunt keeps it exciting. Or sometimes, like the picture above, I see this purpley goodness every day on the way home from work. Today I went back to snap it.


Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

13 thoughts on “Why I Photograph

  1. The hunt is thrilling, I agree. I’m glad that you went back and snapped the purple goodness today…Its a beauty! Btw…what is the picture in your header of? It’s so interesting & the composition is great.


  2. Another fan of your mailbox shot here! I also see vibration in your vibrant flower picture. The shade of purple is exquisite and the angle is interesting. I too like a good photo challenge and seek them out when I’m feeling ready for a new way of looking at things or to work on a new skill. I love finding beauty in the unexpected and find chipped paint and old, long forgotten items are rich in potential for interesting, beautiful shots that allow viewers to imagine a story. And, the no mess aspect! I hadn’t thought of that, but it is so true!


  3. I love the picture in your header. You composed the shot of those mailboxes beautifully. I haven’t participated in any of the challenges yet but I still understand the thrill of the hunt on a small scale. You’ve inspired me to give one these photo challenges a go. I look forward to seeing more of your work


  4. First, I love your purple flowers and how they are all bursting from the center of the image. There is a lot of energy for me in this photo! I like the idea of photography as an art form without as much of a mess, too. 🙂 It is so great that you know what you like with the thrill of the hunt, the adventure and the capture of that perfect image. Finding beautiful bits and pieces in the everyday, whether it’s purple flowers or an old headlight is fantastic. I enjoyed reading your “why” this morning, thank you for sharing!


  5. Love the mailboxes too — what a great rusty patina! The thrill of the hunt is such a good term for that feeling — you know it when you see it and you know you got something good before you even look at the screen! : )

    You have a very beautiful and honest blog. : )


  6. Thank you, thank you everyone. I usually comment reply to each person but I oopsed deleted my emails (and Google attached them all as one). So thank you, thank you for your kind words.


  7. I love seeing things and thinking “that would make a great photo”… the only downside is when I don’t have my camera with me.


  8. I love the mailboxes too! And purple is one of my mainstay colors in the garden. I have been saying that Ineed to get a compact camera to have with me at all times, still don’t have one! Thank you for the reminder.


  9. That really is some purple-y goodness – love that image! 🙂
    I also love how you were able to pinpoint exactly what it is that motivates you. Great post!


    1. Thank you Laura. Good thing I got that shot when I did too. After it rained all those bushes got flattened. Still purple, but flat. =)


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