Fall into Autumn

  Oh I am so funny. So around here parts, it isn’t cold enough, or hadn’t been wet enough maybe, so there aren’t many fall looking trees around yet. But there are other signs of fall around here in the valley of the semi desert. Some xeriscaping plants that I actually like, at least inContinue reading “Fall into Autumn”



Fenced in Papa This picture was already full of texture with the chain link fence in front of my dad, but then I used the Accented Edges tool on Photoshop and I love how full of texture it really is.   A Wagon for Anything   We have this resort down the road that wouldContinue reading “Anything|Macro|Texture”

Contrasting Colors/Spring/Macro

I love contrasting colors. At least to look at them. And they make for beautiful pictures. I have also been taking a picture of this one lilac bush since March 1st to show the coming of spring. I was going to do it every day but it wasn’t changing that fast so I fell behindContinue reading “Contrasting Colors/Spring/Macro”

Desperately Seeking Spring

Spring is taking its sweet time arriving in these parts. I am anxious for the colors and flowers of spring to take some better pictures. The lingering winter landscape just doesn’t call out to me. Not in this semi desert area. I sought out some flowers to take pictures of today…at Lowe’s.   There isContinue reading “Desperately Seeking Spring”