Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’ve been slacking in taking pictures, but I did have other things going on this month. I have also been attempting to pick out 3 pictures to enter into a show (for women only). I am going to attend their New Mexico photographers show in a few weeks and hope to get my inspiration. My choices for the state fair didn’t fare well. Favorite #1 is from this week, but the other 4 are from the list I am trying to narrow down to enter into that show.

Favorite #1children, playing

Look at that hair. 

Favorite #2butterfly, flowers

Favorite #3sunset silhoutte

Favorite #4usa balloon

Favorite #5pink lily

6 image template horizontal - web version by Kim Klassen6 image template horizontal - web version by Kim Klassen

If you were to judge for me which 3 would you choose?

From 2 weeks ago:

In a Rowin a row

I was trying out aperture settings.


CostCo has this mix, forgot what it is called. It is really good. A sweet/spicy combination.


My mom’s homemade, three-chip/pecan cookies.

Sitting Downsitting down

It’s jump time, how could Meezie be sitting down?

Just Becausejust bc

I liked the way the top looked before I stirred it. I LOVE Chai Tea Latte.


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