Week 2 of Gratitude Month

It is really about kindness, but it is also about fulfilling one of my life lists and giving out 40 gifts for my 40th. Random Acts of Kindness was just a way better way to go about it. =)

It was a slow week, but I have huge plans coming up.

I wanted to mention that I am not sharing here, or on Instagram, to brag. I am merely keeping track with Instagram. And I am sharing here to share with the world what kindness can be like. I just wish that at least once I could see the face of the recipient, but that really isn’t the point.


With the help of Meezie (she would have done more and more had I let her, but they weren’t her quarters, lol), we left: 2 of these cards at the movie theater, 1 at the restaurant on the candy machine, 2 on games at the soccer arena, and 4 more near the snack bar at the soccer arena. She had fun running around finding places to put them, and then going back to check if they were gone. I found these printable cards at Sugar Bee Crafts.

Small acts, but just the same, I also left my change in the Ronald McDonald box after paying for my tea 2 times this week. Next week is Literacy week at my son’s school and his teacher’s 40th is 2 days after mine, so my mind has been brewing.

Last week’s printables can be found here and here and also I have posted all ideas on my Pinterest board.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 7.57.32 AM


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