A Grungy Summer

I use grungy in the prettiest tense it can be expressed. More like grunge rock. Very awesomely run-down. In disrepair but with wonderful color still there.

abiquiRusty picnic cover. Abiqui Lake

rustic firetruckRustic Americana at its finest. If you look closely you can even read that it was from the Regina (NM) fire department.

yards shoppingShopping at The Yards, one cleaned up section of the dilapidated Barelas Railyards. It would be great to see them expand to other buildings like the old cotton mills did in South Carolina. I guess the part that was cleaned up was the former blacksmith shop where they fixed trains in the early 1900s.

barelasAn outside shot of one of the Barelas Railyard buildings. I loved the grungy colors of the structures.

grunge buildingAnother weary old building outside of the rail yards.

gmc2I’ve shared another view of this rusty GMC, but I notice that the colors of my grungy summer almost are all brown and teal/turquoise.

dead log bridgeThough the bridge looks like a rusty fixture, it is the downed tree and the weathered picnic table that had me add this photo.

I have found I like the rusty, old, weathered, grungy, antique, rustic and ancientness of this country. I know I had more photos I could have shared but this was my colorful summer. I am excited for fall and all the different colors it brings. Don’t forget, 64 Shades of Color coming Oct 3.


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Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

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