My Dream of Driving

drivingAnyone that visits me often knows I am not much for words on this blog, but today I want to talk about something that has been making me giddy. I have had this dream for a few years now. Of course, it is when I am in the process of buying a new house that I really wish this is something I could do. So I want to “rent” an RV. A smallish one. No need for me to try and drive one of those like in the movie RV. I would be just like Robin William’s character and rip off the awning and all that bad stuff. Really I would like this RV donated to me for a year since it would be an advertisement to the RV company. I want to then drive this RV all over the country. The plan would be to hit all 48 intercontinental states. In these travels I would get to see places I have never seen. Revisit favorite places from my Flight Attendant days. And take pictures everywhere I go. Wifi would be a must since my son would go with me and he would be taking his school year online (with public education free online, no need for me to be the teacher). Also because I would blog about the experience every day.

whiteAfter telling two different people this dream in the last two days, this is the outlook:

  • need donated RV that would give exposure and advertisement to the RV company
  • would most likely spend every night in an RV park so that would give exposure and advertisement to the parks so hopefully they would let me stay free or for a discount
  • discounts or free meals from restaurants for mentioning them in the blog post (or get paid advertising from them)…trying to stick with local restaurants
  • Travel and tourism to pay me for the pictures and or help with my blogging, once again can also pay for advertisement…maybe help make flyers
  • basically find sponsors or advertisers to pay for this entire venture

thunderbird2So what that means is, I need to find a way to make this work. I really want to check out all the cool Flea Markets and stuff. Can even sell my goods along the way, hopefully. But all the pictures I could and the time with my son is the true experience I would like to have.

I know I don’t have a lot of followers on this little blog, on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ even, but I will repost everywhere in hopes that someone will read this and let me know if I am in the clouds or if they know how I could really go about this.


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