Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2013

Goodbye 2013. I welcome this new year. I am ready for it. Lots has already changed and I welcome the adventures.


1. Me

me '13

2. I Love YouiloveuWhat’s not to love about that face?

3. Still Laughingstill laughingJust look at him. Enough said.

4. Winter Wonderlandwinter wonderlandWe had snow early this winter. But it wasn’t a whole lot. It wasn’t even this winter to be technical. These cupcakes were a wonderland of another kind though. I will post more on them later. I made them for 2 different Christmas potlucks. Yummy Butter-pecan cupcakes with Cinnamon buttercream.

5. Birthdaybirthday

6. FriendsfriendsThey may be cousins but they are good friends when they want to be too.

7. I Was Inspiredi was inspiredI kept seeing all these Funfetti recipes. So I was inspired to try some for myself. They make very lively cupcakes.

8. Spring Feverspring fever

9. TraveltravelA water tower at the Santa Fe Railyard. I travelled to Santa Fe to take pictures and the train depot/tracks are for traveling. 😉

10. Summer Days

summer days

11. A Day In My Lifeday in my life

12. All Smilesall smilesShe had so much fun on the bull, once she would get up on there.

13. Autumn Harvest

autumn harvestFor any of you that don’t know what these are, the chili ristras are made in the fall with dried chili pods.

14. Family


15. CelebratecelebrateThey made these blow dart guns first thing at the party (Mr B turns 10). He just had to blow out his candles with his.

16. Let’s Do It Againlets do it againAnd again. My little cousin is quite the camera ham. But she is so cute who could blame her.

17. I Miss Youi miss uI recently moved back into my house and only took my furry friend with me. But I miss my Tobi not being there every day.

18. BeautifulbeautifulShe’s sassy. Imperious. But when she wants to be she is also sweet and kind.

19. Dress Updress upBirthday party fun.

20. MacromacroHalloween Funfetti cupcakes.

21. HolidaysholidaysIt was so cold in my house. My heater would run and run and not get warm. The damper closed itself. This became Mr B’s attire. Lol. Had to go to Nana and Papa’s house dressed like that on Christmas morning.

22. My Favoritemy fave

23. Don’t Ever Changedont ever changeHe was scared to death of getting on the horse, his first time riding. Something we have in common. But he did it. And he enjoyed himself.

24. Just Becausejust becauseBecause it is a cool statue outside a gallery in Santa Fe.

25. Hopes and DreamshopesThis happens to be a picture I took at Peter Piper Pizza at my nephew’s birthday party and when I was trying to figure out what to use for this idea, I noticed the numbers on the wheel. And added the arrow. I am living my 40th year and while I have dreams bigger than I would like to mention out loud (send a man my way) my word for the year is Adventure. To me that doesn’t mean I have to go seek craziness around every bend. I don’t think I will get up on that horse. Like Walter Mitty, but again not to the extent of climbing the Himalayas. Take the adventure when it arises. So far I have been trying new recipes. I am loving Pinterest. And photographing almost all of it. Good or bad. I also made myself a list of 40 photographs I will challenge myself with to be completed by my birthday. Play along if you like and keep me posted if you come along on the adventure.40th bday challenge

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