Tis the Finale

This season only. And though fall is not near its end. It is nearing the end of the beauty. Its starting to get colder. Drier. Gloomy without rain. Windy so the leaves are falling. But what gorgeous sunrises. I was stuck inside all week at work so no way to capture any of those. Maybe in the morning. Beautiful afternoons. Still warm enough to drive with the window down. And I love being able to bundle up under the covers at night. I sleep better. finale2I drive by this tree every day on my way home. I finally went back today and captured it with some sunflare. Not exactly how I saw it in the car, but it’ll still do. I went and grabbed my niece for a little walk around her block.

finale1It did have some lovely leaves up close.

finale4She even got some leaf crunching in, after I steered her away from the grasshopper she was playing with.

finale3On the way back to my brother’s newly acquired house, we passed this house. I would love to have this front yard/path. It is just lovely. I will have to remember to go check it out in the spring all colorful.

Nurture Photography/ Fall 2013


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