Nurture Photography: Purple/Spooky


Kim Klassen Mosaic Template - TapedTrue story. My sister-in-law doesn’t consider herself to be creative. Mee’s costume is cute. You should’ve seen my nephew’s.

purple spooky
purpleWhat’s Halloween without your black dog walking around with a purple witch toy?

purple cupcakes


spookyMore about these cupcakes later.


autumn photo challenge,


Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

4 thoughts on “Nurture Photography: Purple/Spooky

  1. LOL! I have to say that cupcake with the hand sticking out is a little disturbing! Love the color in all these shots!
    Visiting from Nurture Photography.


    1. LOL. I told the kiddos that the crushed up brownie brittle was dirt. My nephew said, I can’t eat dirt. I told him it was edible dirt. 😉


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