September Photo-Heart Connection

My brother said let’s open a coffee shop. Then I started looking up recipes on Pinterest (addicted) for muffins. That turned into anything in a muffin cup. I have stumbled on to some really good cupcake and frosting recipes. I am really enjoying myself with the baking. And then taking pictures afterward. I almost am thinking of offering mini cupcakes for sale.

heart connection Sept

This MnM buttercream was heavenly. And the Andie’s Candies frosting was divine. My favorite. The cupcakes are vanilla, milk chocolate and marble. Mini size. I will keep trying out new recipes. Good thing I work where I can take food and it will be gone within hours. Baking had become a new passion.

9 Replies to “September Photo-Heart Connection”

  1. Hi, Lili! I’m happy to find you again through the Photo-Heart Connection – it’s been a long time! The cupcakes look so good – I wish I could have one right now. Or maybe several, since you said they are mini’s! 🙂

  2. It’s good to see you back in the Photo-Heart Connection! I was happy to see your link pop up. It looks like a baking passion is a perfect complement to photography. I wish I lived closer to you, so that I could help you test these out.

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