A Rainy Day Out

I love going to Santa Fe just to take pictures. It never gets old and I always find new things to catch my interest. This time it rained a little off and on while we walked around. Very pleasant. Just kept my camera under the umbrella but a few of my photos reflect the rain. I think I might have also finally gotten my son’s interest to go with me more often. Just need to remember to take his scooter so he doesn’t complain about the walking.

in the rain wm

I have added some new photos to my Divas and Dreams list. The rest of the list is proving to be a little more difficult. I might have to crash an outdoor wedding (haha) to get some of them. Otherwise I am clueless. Red lips, high heels, love, cake, lace, champagne, ect. Things not in my life easily at all.

Not sure if I have ever mentioned my dream of traveling around the US in a motorhome with my camera and a laptop, blogging and sharing pictures. It’s too bad this would take mucho money and I can’t even afford my own place. But now my dream has expanded to doing that sort of thing in Ireland. Sort of an outsiders view of Ireland for their tourism. Stay in different Inns and BnBs. Oh how fun. Did I mention I still have 9 years before my son goes off to college and me having this kind of time? LOL! That gives me an idea for a new vision board.

I’m getting farther up there in my Entries list. I think I may be past 50 of 100 now. LOL. Be sure to check out my sets in Flickr.


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Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

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