March Photo Heart Connection

A few weeks ago Kim had us play around with color in Beyond Layers. I had an awesome time finding my colors every day. Other than green, I took the pictures of that color each day. I was very proud of myself for accomplishing that. I created the collage for pink, thinking it fitting. But never thought it would make me smile every time I saw it again. The comments I have received for it have been amazing. It truly tickles me pink. I didn’t have to go through all my photos this month finding my connection, it found me.

Click It Up A Notch


Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

10 thoughts on “March Photo Heart Connection

  1. Pink is my favorite color, I just painted the walls in my bedroom a color called “pink air”. I love the clarity in the blooms, lovely.


  2. I love what you say about the connection – it found you! Awesome! Something that makes you smile is a heart connection indeed. Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection.


  3. Pink is one of my favorite spring colors!! Love your images and how you created the collage! Your “Tickled Pink” photos have brightened my morning!!


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