Week 10

Day 64: Went to see The Lorax and loved the quote at the end so much I had to use it. This was also my prompt for Violet Red with Project 64. Day 65: I found the moon coming out of the clouds very illuminating. Day 66: The bikes I saw parked outside of the apartment building I went to with the marketing rep from work (that doesn’t drive). Day 67: The closet in the computer room is brighter than the room. When I have forgotten to take a picture and it is late and dark, this is my go to place. This is a feathery Halloween wreath. Still practicing composition I figure. Day 68: Mr B fights to take a bath. But then he stays in there forever. Day 69: It had snowed on the mountains again. I left for work a little early but there wasn’t as much snow as the night before. Day 70: Another forgotten day. Sometimes time gets away from me. Especially on Saturdays when I have gone to work at 6am. I like how this came out all the same.


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