Week 9

I have made it through 9 weeks. Into my third month and I have only missed one day. I am very proud of myself and so glad that warmer weather and flowers are right around the corner. We had an extra day and a birthday. Some warm days and some rather cold days, it even snowed off and on one day. This week I thought I would skip my collage and share all my photos full size.

Day 57: Taken on a warm day. I was experimenting with the Izze and flowers, a pitcher, and I thought these beers looked cool.

Day 58: I was on the hunt for white for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesdays and decided to stop at Bad Ass Coffee for a sandwich. This was the cool painted side of the building.

Day 59: Some computer time. A stolen photo of Mr B.

Day 60: Another stolen photo, at a soccer camp day. Funny story about the boy to Mr B’s side. They used to go to preschool together, before we changed Mr B to a home preschool where he learned a lot more. That other boy once hit Mr B in the face with a toy shovel. I think he is a year younger than Mr B but sure has gotten big.

Day 61: I was taking Mr B all the way to UNM for another day of that soccer camp. We never found the facility. But March 1 ended up being (not only my dad’s birthday) a pretty windy day. The clouds had been drifting in and out all day. At this time, we were stopped at a red light. That tree was so majestic even without its leaves, standing in front of the clouds. ~~Linking this to Skywatch Friday~~

Day 62: A leftover tulip. Past its prime. I liked the way it looked all opened up but “smartly” thought I would blow the dust off of it. Instead I lost three petals. I still thought it looked pretty cool so snapped a few anyway.

Day 63: An attempt at food photography. I need a less yellow table and more lighting.


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