Passion is red

Passion is fiery

Passion is knowing you have found your soulmate and he holds your heart in his hands but you know he will never let it go

Passion is coming home, to the warmth and smells you love, to your favorite things

Poetic Winter Photography Challenge


Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

3 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Beautiful pictures!!

    Found you through the new linky followers blog hop. I’m so happy to be your newest follower, it would be great if you follow me back. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And, on Friday I’ll be hosting a “What does your blog want to be when it grows up” blog hop with a few of my blog buddies … have you thought of your blog’s hopes and dreams?

    Please check it out here…



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