Week 6

Day 36: Outside the upstairs balcony. Day 37: Sky Blue prompt for Project 64, edited with a Kim Klassen texture. Day 38: Mr B is already tired of me taking his picture and I don’t even do it every day, he had stayed home sick from school with a tummy ache. Luckily he didn’t get that bug going around. Day 39: The lantern and birds are repaints I did for decorating, the birds for Valentine’s Day, the lantern for whatever. Day 40: More a story to tell than anything. Back in the late 80s I believe, Dairy Queen was serving up their sundaes in these baseball hat bowls. My brother and father collected them all, I think. They sit on a shelf on the closet now, hence the dust on them. Day 41: Mr B not really wanting to pose for me again, but it was art night at school and that is his snake behind him, so I made him. Day 42: I was out walking the dogs and liked the way this house looked in front of the clouds. I was trying to capture winter warmth but I don’t see it here.

Chic Homeschool Mama

2 Replies to “Week 6”

  1. Love the sky shots! The lantern is gorgeous… like that color! My kiddos don’t always like having their pictures taken either… go through phases. Wait it out… he’ll come back!!! =P

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