A Little Story

I know I have mentioned many times before that I LOVE Kim Klassen’s textures. So much that I subscribed to her Test Kitchen to acquire some more lovely textures. I am also taking her Beyond Layers (year long) course. So sublime. =) Our first assignement was to write down our creative story. I haven’t yet been ready to write it out on here. I will. We are now working on our 6 word descritions of ourself. I have some drafts. Maybe finishing my story will help. Or pinpointing my 6 words will help with my story.

  • Over educated, under paid, single mom
  • Forward. Backward! Backward! Gotta start again.
  • Dream big. Too shy to try.

A little story about this picture. I edited it was Kim’s new texture Simplicity at Multiply and lessened the opacity a little. This is a clipping from one of my mom’s bushes. When she first planted the bush we thought it had died that first winter. But by late summer it was in full bloom. It gets covered with these little pompom like purple flowers. No bigger than the pods it left behind when it went into hibernation, as we learned it does every winter.

kimklassencafe Sweet Shot Day


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