Another Santa

DSC_0004 copy

A little Santa head my mom cut out and painted. I have been taking pictures of a lot of nostalgic things around the house. Nativities and ornaments that were my grandmothers. Santas that my mom created. It is good to have those memories. Even if all of my decorations are still in storage and I haven’t seen them in two years. Textured with Kim’s new Edward texture. (Funny thing, I put the word Believe on there before I knew it was the theme for Mortal Muses tomorrow so I might have to use it for that tomorrow.)


PhotoStory Friday  THEDAILYWYATT


Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

3 thoughts on “Another Santa

  1. This little Santa is adorable! I love the way you captured him so perfectly with the background softly out of focus. The sprinkle of “snow” in front of him is perfect! It’s wonderful that you are able to re-live Christmas memories through your pictures. The texture give the picture an old-world look. Lovely!


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