New Traditions

Last year, too late to try it, I had seen someone’s idea to wrap books for the Advent calendar. Since my son is 8 this year I don’t think we will get many years out of it but it will be fun. I wrapped up 24 Christmas books or activity books and he will open one every night and we will read it that night. Today I am grateful for new traditions. I am also grateful that I received my new lens. I found it on eBay. Yea. However, I had forgotten that I changed my camera from AF to M in order to try to figure the lens out, so my pictures weren’t coming out too well.


DSC_0003 DSC_0013-1

Following along with Paper Coterie’s Prompt Me for the 31 days of Christmas.

Not my finest, but my first experiment at Christmas tree bokeh, right after I had taken the lens out of the box and it was way too sunny behind.



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One thought on “New Traditions

  1. Wrapped books for your advent calendar idea is great, at least it’s healthier than chocolates. I love the bokeh xmas tree, not to worry about the backlight, it’s beautiful all the same.
    Jess x


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