Capturing Life

I am behind on my “assignments” (not sure what else to call them) for Kat. I am going to have to shelf the cinematography one for now because I haven’t had a chance, or means, to watch a movie with the guidelines needed.

Negative art (to me). My first thought was nudity in photography. What the fascination is in showing so much skin. As I write this I also think of pregnancy pictures of bare bellies. Something I never would have done. I didn’t even wear tight shirts, but that had a lot to do with my grandmother. But this isn’t really where I was going with this.

Most of my art viewing is done online. During blog surfing. Following from photography challenges. I find there is one artist in particular that submits to many of the challenges I do but her images aren’t really images. But more like a watercolor. Blobs of color. Distortion. Most often I don’t see any semblance of the theme from the challenge. The first time I saw her image, I questioned why she would link up with that sort of image (in my mind, not out loud). I didn’t stick around on her blog because it appeared all her images where the same “look”. I haven’t been back either.

As I mentioned above, I don’t understand her images. Yes, we all edit our photos. We sometimes add textures, actions and find things like Rad Lab that does some awesome edits. Some of us even use pixel benders. These other images, I just.don’t.understand. I find joy in working at finding matches to the challenges I enter. I am a rule follower. I try not to enter a challenge if I don’t meet all their rules. I always have a hard time understanding the way that some people do some things. I am not saying they are necessarily wrong – I just have a hard time with rule bending. Part of my values that make my life harder than maybe could be. Sure makes getting a job hard when you really need one too. Getting off track.

Not sure if I really answered everything clearly. Because I do believe photography is art and photographers are artists, I also have to believe that everyone has their own view of their art. I just don’t have to understand it or like it. Not judge. Just decide not to look at it.

And I like to capture life, in all forms (even still life) so my art is more in the beauty of my surroundings. Doesn’t make the rest not art, just different from what I like.




image image image image image


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6 thoughts on “Capturing Life

  1. Thanks so much for linking up! I couldn’t agree with you more! I took a course one time and stopped half way through because the instructor was quite frankly, mean. He was super critical to everyone except one young woman in particular. All she did was take photos of statues and process them different ways and explain how they made her “feel.” I just didn’t get it and didn’t want to be a part of it. I like to play around and experiment sometimes, but for the most part I think it’s important to keep things close to how they really look (which is why I do most of my editing in Lightroom). Who knows, maybe I’m just still trying to find my “style.” By the way, not a fan of the bare belly pictures either:-)


    1. Ah Deanna, thank you. If you are ever so inclined to take another photography course check out Kathy Sloma’s ecourses. She commented right below here. I really enjoyed finding my eye.


  2. I can feel your value in your words about your frustration with the other participant. You value in recognizing and honoring the beauty found in the everyday life. I think it is important to recognize and honor those values, as you are doing, as well as recognizing you have a choice in what you look at. It’s great that you are so clear!


  3. I’m right with you on this! I mostly photograph nature, and who would want to mess with that! I don’t mind a little editing, I’ve done some myself. But, I just like real and natural beauty! I think I’ll be more accepting after this assignment of art I don’t like. As we are finding out, we all see art with a different heart and eye.


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