Different Perspectives

I completely missed an assignment in the Find Your Eye Journey of Inspiration. I was so excited to get back downtown to finish my camaraless photowalk with a camera, that I forgot to take multiple pictures of one object. So today I took the flowers my dad gave my mom the other day for her birthday outside.


The Bouquet with a Kim Klassen’s Back In texture.


The lily close-up from an above angle.


This shot is also SOOC as is the one above (what a perfect day for Halloween and trick or treating).


The sunflower hiding behind the lily. Again SOOC. I love my camera.


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Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

11 thoughts on “Different Perspectives

    1. Pretty impressive looking blue skies in the pictures, I wonder how often it is really that blue and I don’t notice? Thank you for stopping by, as always =)


  1. I love that you took the flowers outside against that gorgeous blue sky! Beautiful flowers from every point of view. My favorite would be the macro shot of the orange lily!! Love the details it captures!


    1. Thank you Cathy. I just noticed too, while looking at it all again that you can see a little bit of a yellow petal in the macro shot as well. Those little surprises =)


  2. I love the angle, looking up at the flowers with the sky in the background. Would you have thought of that angle without really exploring points of view? These are all gorgeous, you chose a wonderful subject to study for this exercise. Awesome points of view!


    1. I would not have thought to shoot the flowers from underneath, Kat. Even tho I thought to look towards the sun last month when I took a shot of the yellow leaves. It is an interesting thought to remember from now on. Thank you. And thank you Susan. Yes, when it comes to flowers, my dad does well.


  3. That last shot is my favorite, but I also like the lily shot looking up towards the blue backdrop. What a pretty and colorful subject to choose for this exercise. I also like seeing the full arrangement-your Mom “scored” big on that one.


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