My Photographic Style

Continuing on the journey of finding my eye, I am here to figure out my style. I can’t say that I have really been doing this long enough to really know, but I have evolved a bit since I first started out, 11 months ago. I use a Nikon d90 with the 18-55mm lens and have a bigger lens but rarely carry it due to it’s bulk. I take it on planned photography trips and will some day use it when needed. I would love to have a macro lens and a fisheye lens just for the different types of pictures they each take. Eventually I think I will need a tripod and need to learn how to use my remote for purposes of self portraits. Right now I carry my camera in a converted purse, which I padded myself not being able to afford something like an Epiphany.

DSC_0019 (2)

In the beginning I would shoot around the house because I wasn’t comfortable yet going out. I quickly learned I prefer natural lighting and I would much rather be out and about. I also like to get out of the neighborhood and find other discoveries rather than what I see every day. Every once in awhile I will also walk around the block to see what is new. And will sometimes make a happy discovery. I am not partial to the time of day, although have a hard time working with too much light. I don’t usually plan around this, though, and go out when I get the chance. I don’t have set days off, so my trips out are sporadic.


I haven’t really photographed any special events since taking up photography so I really can’t say I prefer it or everyday life. I do have good luck with everyday life, though, so will stick with photographing it for now. I would also love to be able to travel sometime and take tons and tons of pictures (see my life list from the menu).


I did say No to Auto a few months into using my camera and have not regretted one day of it. I am not very comfortable with Manual mode as I just don’t understand how to use it. The ISO and DOF and all that is beyond me for now. I love to shoot in Macro and will also use Landscape and Portrait depending what I am shooting and use Sport mode when there is a lot of movement. None have served to do me wrong yet. I really love trying to capture Bokeh as well, so I will shoot close ups often, in Macro mode. My favorite shots usually come from Macro mode.


I purchased a Point and Click a little while ago to make sure I always have a camera with me, but I have been really bad about having it. I do try to take my Nikon with me anytime I go somewhere in my car and I am glad I do or I wouldn’t get shots like the VW Bug the other day. I love photography excursions, and would love to go on a group photowalk sometime. I haven’t had much luck finding one on MeetUp but don’t know that I would really feel comfortable out with a group of strangers when all is said and done. Maybe just having a photo buddy every once in a while would be nice. I join in on several photography challenges to keep myself motivated and challenged, so that is always a source of inspiration as well.  



From top to bottom: I love how you can see the bubble all distorted and glossy (Portrait mode); the picture on the boys’ faces is classic (Sport mode); the day Mr B didn’t want to be out yet I still caught a good look at him (planned photog trip); a macro flower; the cutest little girl at a baseball game. None of which could have been taken had I not taken my camera with me that day.


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24 thoughts on “My Photographic Style

  1. Lili,
    Your images here are fabulous! Capturing everyday life is my choice, too. When you comment about having a photo buddy to go out with to take photos, that really got my attention. Even though I’m in a photo club locally, I still long for that as well. And isn’t it great that these cameras today can do so much in all the different modes? What choices we have to get the images we want.

    Great post and photos!


    1. Thank you Deborah. I am very impressed with the cameras these days. And even though I sometimes see it as cheating, I love that there are things like Photoshop (elements) actions that help you make a photo even better when sometimes needed. I don’t do it often tho.


  2. Beautiful images! I’ve been wanting to get into capturing more of the everyday in regards to my own life and the stories around me, but I tend to stick to nature most often, or the events that I book when I go home for some time. Your images really are lovely and inspiring! Great post!


    1. Thank you Laura. I can relate some too, I keep trying to do a 365 project but too many days I don’t take pictures. Maybe my challenge for 2012. =)


  3. Great thoughts, you are figuring out your style one step at a time as you learn new things. A shooting style is not something that happens overnight. It takes playing around, trying new things, and discarding things that don’t work for you occasionally. I am interested to see what decisions you make, as you are more conscious and intentional about it!


    1. Thank you Kat. You are a constant inspirational person. Lovely. I can’t thank you enough for what you do for the rest of us.


  4. Such fun photos to support your emerging photo style. Love the bubble blowing….that was a wowser to capture…..I am with you about carrying big lenses around…or trying to decide what to shoot in….but many of us are trying to understand these techniques. I look at as brain candy….something to make me think…keep up the good work! smiles. sharon


  5. Guess what?! I think you do have a shooting style-yes, evolving, but definitely a lot of pieces are coming into place. I like that 2nd image at the amusement park…a candid with lots of action-it tells a story. The light in the last shot of the little girl is stunning. I would have liked to take that one. Well seen and captured.


    1. I had to put the camera on Sport mode so that I could click click click. I didn’t even get that shot on purpose, another surprise moment. Thank you for the kind words and coming over Susan.


  6. Lili,
    It’s all a learning process. And personally, I don’t think anything is “cheating” – whether you shoot in auto or any other mode; or use Photoshop to enhance the image in post-processing – it’s all about creating an image you love, regardless of the means.

    So I say keep doing what you are doing – keep experimenting – keep trying new things.


  7. Your photographs are beautiful!! I have trouble capturing motion and people. Needing to work on that!! Totally agree with you on the natural light. I very rarely shoot anything inside. Wonderful post!


    1. Thank you Cathy. And everything takes practice. One day you will look back and realize you have beautiful pictures of people. =}


  8. Ah Brenda, as I was adding texture to a photo earlier, your words rang true with me. Experimentation, creating. It is all an art form. Thank you.


  9. I am playing catch up and I am so glad I did. All of your images are fabulous! I’ve got some similar bubble pictures, but I think my favorite is that little girl…you can just see the movement and joy!


  10. It seems to me that you are already a well-rounded photographer who is willing to experiment in a number of different areas–action, informal portraits, macro, etc. So I imagine you will refine your approach in these areas and move on to others. And have tons of fun along the way. Nice job on both the post and your photos.


  11. Great shots I think all you need is to be more confident that you do good work, you do you know!
    I adore macro shots too, I love the up close surprises you find shooting macro and I too love bokeh it’s so magical.


    1. Ah, thank you Kim. I have huge bouts of confidence issues. LOL, makes for a lonely life sometimes. Anyone that sees this, if I were to use a Macro lens, would the Macro pictures be even clearer and be able to get even closer?


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