Scavenger Hunt Sunday 10/23

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 




Underunder 2

The duck is under the water pump. Look at how the water looks like it has crystals in it.

 After cropping this photo, I took it through Pioneer Woman’s Lovely action and then Edge Burn, changing the opacity to 40%

Photography love... 

OrangeDSC_0025 copy_edited-1



I first pulled up this picture for orange, and to my surprise there was a fly sitting there among the pumpkin’s warts


Always Look on the Bright Sidebright side

This tree gets the sun pretty much all day long. It has red, yellow and orange leaves. I looked on the bright side of the street to find these colors.

I found a new photography blog to follow…check it out…


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8 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday 10/23

  1. Love these photos. The tractor is such a vibrant shade of orange and the photo taken at such a great angle. can’t wait to see more next week.


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