I Learned and This or That

BTW, if you haven’t heard this before, the easiest way to post blogs is through Live Writer. You can change your font, make your pictures any size you want, and basically any other edit possible. And it is so much easier. In fact I don’t even try to post from inside WordPress at all. It is too complicating.

Onto today. I shared the other day that I learned about texturing. I had tried before, and receive Kim Klassen’s free textures emails, but I just wasn’t getting the entire gist of it. Finally on Tuesday I found Kim’s video showing how to use (her) textures in Photoshop Elements. Following along step by step, I figured it out. 

Here is a picture before I applied texture.window

Then I cropped the picture, enhanced the color and added Kim’s Cracker Jack texture following her steps from the video. Thank you Kim.cracked window wm

I also used the Cracker Jack texture on these flowers.

red flowerstextured flowers wm

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8 thoughts on “I Learned and This or That

  1. I was so glad when I finally figured out how to use textures. It’s fun to play around with! Your photos are beautiful and they look really nice with the textures added. I agree with you about windows live writer, but unfortunately it’s not available on mac so when I switched computers I had to go back to posting in blogger. I miss using it!


    1. Ah Cheryl that is a good one. Thank you. I am still trying to learn the mouse over so I don’t have to post both pictures separately.


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