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Our last prompt for Find Your Eye with Kat was to go through our inspiration file and see which themes kept emerging. I have a lot of flowers in my favorites, not because flowers are my favorite, but more because the way the pictures came out.



The inside of this yellow iris was what I was after for the shot, but the way it looks like a fuzzy tongue sticking out was my surprise.


fun in Covington

A human hamster ball. The water is so blue in this picture that it never ceases to amaze me (and it was taken with my iPhone). I love that my entire trip to Kentucky was filled with so much color. The expression on the girl’s face and the fact that it looks like she is crawling on water (where it looks like the ball disappeared) bring such life to the photo.



I love when the color just pops out of the picture, screaming look at me.

What is apparent in all three of these pictures is that all three pop color, detail and prompt a story behind them . I am glad that I decided to find my eye with Kat and will be proceeding on to the next course. I can’t wait.

What story does the detail from this picture tell you? This picture is my favorite photo from this week.

little details 2

and then, she {snapped}


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14 thoughts on “I am Inspired by

  1. Very lovely pictures! The focus and detail in the yellow iris shot is outstanding! The girl in the water is cool too — if you cropped it down to just the girl it really would appear like she was crawling on the incredible blue water…which would be a VERY interesting story!

    The evening sun in the ladybug picture is so warm and beautiful too.

    It was a fun class, wasn’t it? I agree that it was well worth it!


    1. Thank you and also thank you for letting me know how to put the Pinterest button on my blog. I messed around with my theme and even tho I ended up back at the beginning, the font changed in the headings and I don’t like it. I will prevail in getting it exactly like I want it.

      I am going to crop that hamster ball picture. I never thought of that.


  2. Lili..I love the three themes you chose, and how your express them in your photographs. Wonderful! And, it’s been lovely sharing this course with you..looking forward to the next chapter!


  3. Color, story and detail…all so strong. Your “story” picture is great. The lady bug…so small…I see slow and steady progress that includes light and shadows, The lady bug has wings to fly and legs to walk the textured path…both are necessary and important.
    I too am looking forward to the next chapter of our journey!


    1. Thank you Cheryl. What I like about the ladybug photo, this fence poll and the weed grass is what I was after. The ladybug, tho small, was an added surprise. And I love how you can see the shadows of the grass. There is this road I have been dying to go take some pictures. No where to park. I finally decided I need to take my bike on my car as far as I can and ride up and down this road to get these shots. I am getting ready for the next chapter. =)


    1. Thank you. Thank you! I went back and cropped the water picture and it looks awesome. She does look like she is crawling on the water.


  4. The water picture is priceless, and the lady bug is such a wonderful example of detail and texture. What a great post – I can’t wait to see how your pictures continue to develop!


  5. Beautiful! I love your use of popping color and the stories in your photos always seem to resonate with me. You have a knack for finding details that are stunning and interesting. Your last photo…the shade-shadow of the little leaves…bliss! Thanks for sharing!


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