Through the Door


Two years later, I can finally admit I was in a really bad place. First, I was working my butt off to only get yelled at for one thing after another. Then I was robbed at gun point, and two days later I was terminated for the robbery being my fault. I was crushed. I couldn’t get interviews and when I did they didn’t go well. I sunk deeper and deeper. I didn’t want to talk to any one because I felt like such a failure. It was easier to just take Mr. B to school and go home. Walk my dog and then watch TV while playing on Facebook for the rest of the day. Then come the following July I had to move us back into my parents’ and rent out my house. It got uglier and uglier because my mom didn’t want to just leave alone. I tried crafting and started to feel a lift. It also got my mom out of my hair. I entered into a craft fair and bombed. Barely walked away with a little profit from the entry fee. Not to mention all the crafting supplies still left and all the finished products I have left and still need to move. It wasn’t really until I got the job I have now that things slowed down with my mom. I am still living in their house over a year later. And I still have a job that doesn’t really earn enough money for us to ever move back out, but I see the light outside the door a little better. The sun is shining, I just have to figure out how to get down those steps through the right door. 

If you have never checked out Kat’s Eye View, you gotta do so. I am also taking her e-courses on finding your style, I am so excited.

kat eye view


Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

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